Thrifting to save my budget!

When I was a young girl I remember my mom would drag us to thrift stores anytime were were in desperate need of “new” clothes or shoes, or whenever we needed anything really. And it was only when we desperately needed something. We did not shop for ‘fun’ or because we were ‘bored’, or because we ‘liked’ something. If something was purchased, it’s because it was truly needed.

I remember giving her SUCH a hard time about this, I was mortified that someone who knew me, would see me heading into a thrift store. Like I was some kind of “special celebrity” or born with a silver spoon in my mouth. Neither which are even close to being a true statement. My thoughts at the time were, Why couldn’t I have what everyone else had? Why did I have to wear clothes that someone else already owned and wore and didn’t want anymore! Why was life so “unfair”!? Ugh.

I would give her such a hard time about it, i’d have such a snotty attitude and *wish* for new clothes and all the ‘cool stuff’ that all the ‘cool kids’ had. Because then i’d be worthy, and cool, and pretty, and the other kids would like me, right? I could be in with the “in” crowd, and wouldn’t be made fun of for the clothes I wore, for my generic shoes, for being the “new kid” (we moved a lot) and for having a lack of cool stuff like a “swatch” watch and the like…

80’s “Swatch Watches”

Ugh. I regret ever giving my mom a hard time about stupid stuff like that. I’m pretty ashamed of it now honestly and yes, I was young & stupid & heading into my early teens without realizing that being cool generally costs money. Disposable money at that!

Fast forward many, many years, *wink* and my “go to” shopping stores of choice are the local thrift shops we have here. We are lucky & have 2 to choose from! Both of which we’ve found gems from! And the best part is that my youngest absolutely LOVES thrift shopping, like it’s her favourite thing to do! Her big, cool, new winter jacket this year we scored in *as new* condition at the “Salvation Army” thrift store for $12.00! When she found it online they retail for over $200!

When my last iron died (photographed behind my daughter) I decided that I was SO done paying good money on irons that were all just gonna die on my anyway. I found a “Black & Decker” iron for $3.00 at the thrift store and it’s fabulous! When it dies on me, it’s only three bucks, i’ll use it until it gives up the ghost, no love lost & i’ll find another one at the thrift shop when it’s time!

Another of her favourite finds is this gorgeous plaid dress.. it’s soo well made and fits her to absolute perfection! It’s fully lined and the quality & workmanship is just amazing… again, this brand of dress (the designer escapes me) retails for $150-200+ a dress) and we found this one for $1.00!

Yesterday after my daughter’s Orthodontist appointment we popped into the thrift shop before it closed she found a new pair of Silver Jeans for $5.00 (yay!) (Silver jeans retail for $100+) and I found a handful of baby clothes for my oldest daughters new little one arriving in the spring! Everything is in excellent condition with no stains, tears, etc… and honestly, when babies are that young they only wear things a handful of times and outgrow them!

Sleepers in excellent condition, Carter’s brand for first two, last one is that superhero brand.. lol! $.75/each.

Sweet little ‘dino’ undershirt… $.75

Baby GAP cargo pants, $2.00

Soo sweet & tiny!

Then… look at what my targeted ads on FB were last night… *eye roll* lol!

Compare now what FB was showing me last night… 5 sleepers for $70.00!!

I’ve been buying used for a while now, but looking back I could have saved soo much money throughout the years by choosing to buy ‘gently used’ and i’m kicking myself for not learning this fact much earlier in my lifetime! But, better late than never right?

Thrifting is one way we save money whenever possible. Now like most others, we don’t buy *everything* used, some things are just off limits, but I do try to buy what we can used. It’s better for our budget, better for the environment & if my kids outgrow stuff or it gets stained or ruined somehow, i’m not upset that I dropped $$$ on whatever item it was!

Do you thrift shop or prefer to only buy new? If you thrift, what has been your best or favourite find?

14 thoughts on “Thrifting to save my budget!

  1. I love thrifting! Though, similarly, when I was young I was not a fan. Some of my best finds have been 1) sturdy Pyrex measuring glasses, 2) the exact same tin Christmas muffin tin my parents had growing up for a few cents, 3) cheap designer, 4) a lovely blouse (which I discovered retails for ~$600), and 5) a high-quality serging machine. Unfortunately, prices at my favorite thrift store now rival retail prices. I still enjoy browsing, though.

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    • Wow! Those are some amazing finds!! And yes, some thrift shops are soo expensive it’s insane! That blouse find though.. wow!! Nicely done!

      I remember looking for pajama’s for my girls when they were younger and it was cheaper to buy at WM. How sad is that!? I think VV is notorious for that. Our thrift stores here are very well prices and often have sales too!! Today I saw it’s buy one get one 50% off.

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  2. I love thrifting and have practiced it for years. My best find is a beautiful wool baby blue, London Fog winter coat with the tags still on ,it. Retail: $250, I paid $12.00. Thank you for this great blog. Your finds are gorgeous 😍

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  3. A couple of years ago I read something, I think on a sewing blog, that has changed the way that I shop. The blog had a series of potential resolutions that people could make for the upcoming year. One of the resolutions was to do more shopping at thrift stores, or something to that effect. I took that to heart and made a commitment that unless an item was either thrifted or gifted and unless it were food or personal care items like shampoo, I would pretty much exclusively shop at thrift shops. For the last two years I have been fairly consistent about only purchasing through thrift shops or Facebook Marketplace or even online auctions. I have found so many amazing things and like you mentioned, if something breaks I have not invested a huge amount of money into it.
    The way that I see it thrifting is one small thing that I can do to keep more things from being manufactured and putting more pressure on our fragile environment. Thrifting rocks!


    • That’s wonderful and how I feel in a nutshell as well! Especially “Fast Fashion”, ugh, all these “fashion influencers” doing their “haul videos”, makes my stomach turn.. clothes that’ll fall apart and end up in our landfill in a few months. How much do we really “need”, not nearly as much as we have I dare say…

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      • “Fast Fashion” is one thing. I genuinely believe we’ve also entered the world of “Fast Decor” as well. I don’t want to name and shame any particular stores, but lots of furniture is now built to last no more than about 5 years, at which you’re expected to replace the sofa, chair, bed, whatever. Maybe I’m just getting old, but I remember furniture in grandparents’ house from the 1970s still being in use in 1992. Thrifting for “old” furniture is another activity that I’ve been engaged in lately. A chair made in the 1940s is still sturdy and comfortable.

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      • You are absolutely right!! Same as appliances.. back in the day people would buy an appliance once in their lifetime and simply have it serviced if it needed it. Now, they’re made to last what, 5-10 years? And look how expensive they are.. so horrible!


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