Five Things Friday…

1. Food Waste: Ugh. Over the holidays was not good… I cleaned out my fridge and the following had to be tossed – homemade soup (it didn’t turn out as well as it usually does so we didn’t get through it) old pasta that the kids weren’t sure when they cooked, some cake that Mya didn’t eat, the bottom tub of a yogurt (again Mya) and an old lemon that got lost in the back of the fridge. I pledge to do far better over the next week! I feel so guilty tossing food in the compost, food is so expensive right now, it makes my stomach turn when we have any type of waste.

2. Amendment on my New Years Goals: Goal #3, instead of donating to the local food bank during the first week of the month, i’m going to move that to the end of the month. It gives me more time to collect a few things throughout the month, therefore i’ll be able to donate more in the long run.

3. Need a solution/suggestion for clothes hampers please: The photo below is how our clothes hampers are stored beside my stackable washer & dryer. It drives me nuts… clothes can’t really be sorted as they’re tossed in so i’m sorting everything once their full. I’d like one for clothes, one for “others stuff” (kitchen rags, cloths, towels, etc). I realize I could buy one of those metal sorted cloth hampers, but I’d much rather use the hampers that I already own. Does anyone know of a way to stack them so they’re not “stacked on top of each other” so to speak? The only things i’ve seen to separate these baskets are wooden shelves & cost $300 & the like! *faint* Too rich for my blood, does anyone have any ideas/suggestions to share by chance?


4. Christmas ‘comes down’ at my house this weekend! It is time, and my husband is off all weekend, so it’s a great time to take down the tree and pack away my nutcrackers and other decorations… I do absolutely love my Christmas tree and the gazillion lights I have on it, but it’ll be nice to not have to ‘shoo’ the cats from it a million times a day and climb under the tree to fix the tree skirt a million and one times a day.

This was our very first Christmas in Cape Breton, and although it was quiet, it was really lovely. A little tough not seeing my family & friends, especially my two oldest kids and their wonderful spouses, but that’s life. Perhaps next year…

Walter’s 1st Christmas – 2021

Chester’s 1st Christmas – 2017

5. My one week blogaversary!! Ok, i’m just kidding, but seriously it’s been one full week since I started to blog again and i’ve received such awesome feedback!! Thank-you so much for reading and your kind & thoughtful comments! I’m really enjoying blogging again, and am glad that I took the plunge and went for an ad-free blog! I’m lovin’ it!

I’m still working on the layout of my blog and trying to sort things out and make it look good, without accidentally deleting the entire thing… lol! I’ll keep trying to work things out until I get it exactly how I like it! WordPress sure has changed a lot in the last however many years since I used to blog on it! For the better though – I absolutely LOVE the WordPress APP!! It’s amazing!

Anyway, a BIG thank-you to those reading and an extra thank-you to those to take a few moments to comment and like my posts! xox I’ll be back tomorrow with an update to my “Declutter 100 Things Challenge!


How has your first week of January been? Good, bad, or downright ugly?

8 thoughts on “Five Things Friday…

  1. My first week has been good after being sick most of December. Christmas is all put away and things are normal again.
    I hate food waste. My husband usually eats dinner left overs for lunch. It is usually produce that end up getting thrown out. I need to get better at checking before it is too late.

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  2. I was raised by a mother who never wasted anything and I am so thankful. Some of the best culinary experiences come from the bits and pieces in the frig.
    Try Hivexagon products on Amazon Canada for your laundry sorting solution. Not sure of your measurements but worth a look. Enjoying the blog.

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  3. With regard to your laundry baskets, thrift a cheap plastic two or three tier shelf?
    The first week of January has been blessedly quiet and rejuvenating. Next Monday, it’s back to work and back to packing to get ready to put the house on the market . I’m going to squeeze all the relaxation out this weekend as possible. Enjoy the de-decorating this weekend.

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    • Hmm i’ll have to look for something like that, must be a way to figure this out! LOL! I have a feeling your life is about to become very busy… (been there, done that!) Enjoy your weekend before the madness starts & keep us updated on your house sales! I think things are still pretty busy with house sales in Ontario from what i’ve heard! Good luck!!


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