Indian Beach…

We decided to go to Indian Beach for a little visit this morning. It’s a beautiful, but cold day. I think it was sitting around -9c during the time we were there with the windchill, but it’s always much colder by the water. It was definitely chilly! We live a short 5 minute drive away, if we drive slowly and enjoy the scenery. *wink* So it’s nice & close anyway!

It’s an awesome beach for ‘treasure hunting’, you will find beautiful, sea glass & sea shells, there’s a nice big playground for kids, and I always see travellers/van lifers hanging out there. Well, probably moreso during the summer months. But i’ve seen plates from all over the place, lots from B.C (British Columbia) so they’re driving from one end of Canada to the other! Kinda neat to see!

On our way to ‘Indian Beach’, we pass the ‘Marine Atlantic’ Ferries ⛴️ all docked at the port.

Blue Skies and Sunshine 🌞 And a dirty windshield.. lol!

“Sailors Memorial”

Heading down towards the beach…

A pretty pink rock…

Beautiful today… strong, high tide, windy & cold.

See that big aqua high rise building in the background? That’s Northside General Hospital. 🏥

A pretty seashell… 🐚

A bone from something or other… any ideas?

My daughter found this beautiful mineral!

The “flip” side… soo beautiful!

I thought this rock with the stripes was pretty neat…

Me. Freezing. 🥶 Actually, I was mostly not really too cold, but my hands were absolutely numb…

Cool fossil…

Seaweed & feathers…

Ferry heading to Nfld/Labrador.

Indian Beach during WW1 1914-1918.

A few pretty little finds from today… anyone not live near the ocean and would like a little envelope sea glass and seashells? I’ll send to first to comment & ask for them. I’ll send anywhere, just ask if you’d like them.

And that’s all for today… I’d better get some house stuff done now!

Hope your Sunday is filled with blessings!

16 thoughts on “Indian Beach…

  1. Oh my ! Living in Landlocked Alberta, sea glass is certainly a rarity here! I would absolutely love some if you ever come across more. I would be happy to pay the postage 😊

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  2. This is the highlight of my life reading your posts 🥰🥰 I Love hearing and seeing what’s happening with you guys XO also Andie would Love to have some sea glass next time you find some ❤️❤️

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  3. What a beautiful, peaceful place. I love your pictures. Is the Mariner monument erected to those lost at sea? I come from a long line of Sea Captains and lobstermen. The monuments all hold untold stories of bravery. And the picture of you is just pretty! Take care my dear friend.

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  4. I love seeing your pictures of the beach and ocean. Even though I’m currently only 2 hours away from the sea I miss it so much, having grown up 5 minutes away like you are now. That’s so kind of you to send out sea glass!

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