I am feeling every bit of my almost 49 years today… I know my body is going through all sorts of things at my age right now, but honestly it is hell’ish some days. I suppose that’s just the joy of being a woman. I did have a good (aka: productive) day today, although i’ve been pretty sore, especially my back, but thankfully i’m still getting stuff done, although it’s slowly.

I worked on some wallets with a gorgeous new “Tim Holtz” fabric that landed in my mailbox this morning… (photo below) I managed to get a good chunk done and think I *may* try to put in another hour or so after I eat my dinner. Truthfully, I should just listen to my body and save it for tomorrow though. Things have been slow with my business, like many others right now, so I need to try to keep things moving as much as I can. My body hurts when I sew a lot, but I guess that’s just how it goes isn’t it?

I went for a walk with my daughter this afternoon as the sun was shining all day until sunset. By 4:30pm it’s pretty much pitch black here, and my body wants to slow down. I try to respect that, but it’s hard sometimes. We popped into Sobeys for a few things, I was hoping to find my chocolate as I was craving a chocolate bar, there seems to be only one chocolate bar on earth I seem to not be allergic to, Enjoy Life bars, but they were out of my kind. So, no treat for me.

The girls had BBQ pulled pork for dinner tonight with buns & salad. I grabbed the pork last week with a $5 off sticker slapped on it, so it’s a filling meal at a good price point. My husband will eat the leftovers in the morning when he’s home from work. I rarely eat the same thing as they do, due to food allergies

Tomorrow will be a busy day, we need to run errands, grocery shop, my youngest has a hair appt, we have a few boxes (donation) to drop off, and I need to stop by the library as well. The weather isn’t supposed to be nice tonight or tomorrow though, so we’ll see how this pans out. I hate going out when it’s icy. A handful of years ago I wiped out on black ice, gave myself a concussion, 2 black eyes, broken nose & sprained wrists) so that’s made me a little gun-shy in bad winter weather.

Ok, well, I got a little sidetracked with this post, wandered off and had to deal with some PM’s etc… now it’s going on 7:30pm and I forgot I need to fix a pair of my husbands work pants and get a few other things done around the house as well. And i’ve had no time to read yet, and i’d really like to read!

So i’m off for the night… I guess it’s a very random post today, sorry about that! Have a great night!

How was your day?

6 thoughts on “Exhaustion…

  1. Sounds like you had a pretty busy day today too. Good on you for the pork 9n sale. I love pork, unfortunately my digestive system doesn’t, At this point in my life Fifty (cough, cough) eight, I’m about 3/4 of the way to being a vegetarian. I can eat chicken (in small quantities) and fish (one of the reasons that I’m moving to Nova Scotia, haha). Many other things are now eaten sparingly or not at all anymore. The joys of maturity. I LOATHE, ice and I haven’t even had your experience. If it were me, I’d stay home tomorrow and Wednesday if I didn’t ABSOLUTELY have to go out. Stay safe and well.

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