Five Things Friday!

1. Current Read: My next read from the library, “The Art of Racing in the Rain” by Garth Stein. I don’t know why but lately i’m loving these books based on animals. I think i’m getting soft in my old age, *wink* and also, they’re easier to focus on. My mind is so cluttered lately, my days have been so busy from morning til night, so reading something intense right now (usually I read historical fiction & non-fiction) is just not something I can do. Everywhere I turn lately there’s something “bad” that just happened to someone or somewhere, and it’s disheartening. I just want to focus on the good… it’s better for my heart & soul.

I saw this on my library book site and thought it looked & sounded sweet. So this will be my read this weekend!

2. Finance: In just *one week* we can make our first lump sum payment on our mortgage! I’m pretty excited, I know this is probably ridiculous but I managed to save more than what I had planned on paying so i’m going to add a bit more to our first payment! Ideally if we can repeat this payment yearly, in 9 more years we’ll be mortgage free! Which means the entirety of our mortgage would only be 10 years, compared to 30. *thud* God willing with a tight budget and minimal spending on “luxuries” (basically we buy food and needs), we can pull this off! Ahhh seems so unreal, and we may not be able to do this, but i’m going to give it my best!

3. Food Waste: Last week I posted a pretty shameful pile of items which hit the compost bin due to food waste, this week, *zero* food waste, not one thing! Quite happy with that… now to keep it up! Also, food prices, ugh. So horrible… we went shopping a couple times this week as the first time we went there were no sales on meat and everything was so expensive. So we grabbed the other items we needed and decided to try again for meat on sale, score! We found a full weeks worth of meat and ALL of it was on sale! Either because of the flyer flip or it had $4 & $5 off stickers slapped on them!

Side note: I have a lot of food allergies, so please don’t suggest that I “eat beans”.

4. Embroidery: I purchased this beautiful canvas print on sale a while back, actually it was last fall to be exact and as of yet, I have not started it. It is my intention to start it this weekend, if I don’t update with a progress photo within the next week, feel free to call me on it. lol! Isn’t it beautiful though!? I love to put on classical music and simply focus on handiwork, I find it very soothing and calming.

Do you hand embroider or cross-stitch?

5. Weekend Plans: I have absolutely no weekend plans, and i’m hoping that it stays that way! We’re supposed to have a horrible few days of weather out here, no sun, tonnes of rain, and with all the snow we have right now, it’s going to be a huge, messy, slippery ice rink out there! It makes my heart skip a beat just thinking about going out in icy weather… so, hopefully I get my wish and can stay home all weekend. Warm & dry, no broken bones & just do things around the house. I have plenty enough to keep me busy anyway! If I get bored enough I may even turn on the tv and see if I can find a half decent movie to watch on Amazon Prime.

Any movie suggestions for something “light”?

Well, that’s it for me today! I hope everyone had a great week! Do you have any exciting weekend plans?

8 thoughts on “Five Things Friday!

  1. I am walking with friends and then out for coffee. I used to do cross stitch all the time and found it relaxing. Maybe I should pick it up again. Have a great weekend. We are supposed to see the sun again after 21 days.

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