Grocery Shopping… how we save $$

Sobeys deals today!

As i’m sure as everyone knows, food costs are through the roof. It’s hard to keep up with some weeks and because of that, we’ve totally changed the way we shop. Now we shop the sales, and that’s what we eat. Back in the day we’d make a meal plan then shop, now it’s anyone’s guess what we’re going to eat. If we find a sale, that’s what will be eaten for the week ahead. If we need something but it’s not on sale, and we can wait, we wait.

This morning we ran out to get my daughter parmesan cheese, she’s the only one who eats it, but she loves it on her pasta. She eats pasta of some sort quite regularly, so I like to have it in the house for her. While we were at Sobeys (we shop at 3 grocery stores regularly as they’re all 30 seconds from each other quite literally) we decided to take a peek at the meat section. We generally take a quick look every time we stop at a grocery store, as we’re all meat eaters here and meat is one area that I find we can usually save $$ if we watch the sales.

Today we scored on a handful of meat mark-downs! We were out bright & early, just shortly after 8am, which we were told by the lovely employees at Sobeys “is the best time to check for deals”! We also grabbed a couple of small pkg’es of ground beef (not shown here) which were on “regular” sale, in total we saved $21.65 on the meat which had we of bought it at regular price it would have came to $47.97, instead we paid $26.32.

The Kraft Parmesan was also on sale for $8.49 (regular price $10.99) can you believe how much a 250g shaker of Kraft parmesan costs now!? I can’t stand the smell of it to be honest and don’t know how people eat it, but I suppose that’s neither here nor there! lol!!

We also placed our first *Flash Food* order last night!

*Here’s my personal Flashfood referral code: $CARL2Q2KX.
If your first purchase is over $10, you’ll get $5 off! Use the code when you sign up or on the Rewards tab. Download the app today, search for Flashfood wherever you get your apps.

Then we picked it up this morning. I’ve been keeping an eye on the APP for items we’d use, but in our area, it seems to be mostly soy based foods or vegetarian/vegan food, which we don’t purchase.

Last night I saw a few items we would use though!

*Flash Food* purchase.

The chicken dumplings, (youngest daughter had them for lunch & loved them) ravioli & baguettes are for my youngest daughter as well, the “Smokies” (cheddar sausages) my husband likes and the Frosted Flakes cereal will go towards our food bank donation at the end of the month. According to the Flash Food APP, here’s what we’ve saved with our first order:

It was a quick & easy process. Shopped online, paid online, picked up at the customer service department this morning. Done & done!

Now that we have built up our freezer stock a bit again, it’s time to eat what we have and skip shopping this week! We may need to pick up an odd or end (probably produce) in the next week or so, which my husband can grab, but otherwise, I hope to not shop until later next week.

On that note, I should probably make myself some dinner before it gets too late!


How do you save money at the grocery store? Have you had to change your buying habits?

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