What am I… (5 senses edition)

Listening to:

Can I Take My Hounds to Heaven by Tyler Childers. Loving his ‘twangy, old school, country style..


The Chosen on Angel Studios APP. I’m only 3 episodes in, but so far it’s beautifully done!


Slowly reading “Anne of Green Gables”. It was a childhood favourite… haven’t started another book yet, it’s been a busy week.


Lots of sewing.. this is a custom ordered e-reader case I finished yesterday. I adore the bee 🐝 print she chose!


Too much coffee, and not enough water. I’m getting in about 6 glasses a day, I need to up that to at least 8. Eating, this week broccoli was on sale & cauliflowers were actually a good size, so I “splurged” on fresh instead of “meh” frozen. I’m not a fan of frozen or canned veggies, but when Superstore had their bags of PC frozen veggies on sale, I stocked up, so i’ve been eating frozen, but not overly happily. lol! So i’ve been eating lots of fresh veggies this week with a delicious slow cooked roast beef! It’s soo good!

Well it’s almost time for me to wake up my husband for work, which means I get to go to bed soon! Yay! I’m exhausted, can’t wait to (hopefully) sleep in one day this weekend! 🤞🏻

Have a wonderful evening!

PS – if you’d like to play along, please post on your blog and link me up, so I can read, or leave your answers in the comments section!

12 thoughts on “What am I… (5 senses edition)

  1. Ohhh!! Love the pouch! I never read Anne of Green Gables…,need to add to my list. And The Chosen!! It only gets better!! I binge watched last week while my hubby was out of town. It was wonderful!! I’m patiently awaiting the finale of season three. It will be shown in theaters! (And streaming a couple of days later) I’ll probably watch from home. I enjoy reading your blog! And your work is so inspiring!

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    • I haven’t read all of Anne either, loved the original movies when I was younger, and have always wanted to visit PEI, now that we’re so close it’s very achievable! So i’m slowly reading through the series of books, they’re really sweet & endearing! I’m enjoying “The Chosen”, I try to sneak in an episode a day, so good!!


  2. Enjoy the Anne books! I just re-read them last fall – last time I’d read them I was a teenager and am now in my 40s with two young kids. Still loved them, but what a different reading experience – in the book kids are left alone at the house when they are 6! That wouldn’t have phased me as a teenager, but now I think – wow. I’m a pretty easy going parent but not sure I would feel comfortable with that. Also interesting to see how the teachers in the books would say “kids, take the summer off, don’t do anything school-like, be outside and give your brain a rest” – I love that; it’s so different than our current “gotta learn learn learn all the time” system.


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