A simple Saturday…

A gorgeous sunrise to start a chilly day… -14c with the windchill when I snapped this.

My early morning coffee date with Chester…

Cleaning the detergent compartment of my washing machine… does it ever get gross in there! 😬

Gave it a good scrub with my PowerWash homemade recipe… then tossed the entire thing in the top rack of the dishwasher for good measure!

It’s not the easiest place to clean, but I wiped it out well and it looks much better now!

Now it’s all clean & ready for business!! I’m back to regular “old school” liquid detergent as the laundry pods never seem to 100% dissolve in cold water & it gets gunky in there. So i’m thinking perhaps liquid is the way to go? And it’s more affordable than the pods, so that helps too!

We went for a walk & popped into the $ store.

I was looking for something else but found these beautiful blossoms and adorable ceramic bunnies that look vintage to me, so I grabbed them for the beginnings of my “spring/easter decor”. Which once I figure out, i’ll share photos of! For now i’m just collecting…

So pretty I think!

I just finished folding a load of towels & washcloths and am now trying to psych myself up & clean the kitchen. Then perhaps i’ll bake some GF banana chocolate chip muffins… yum! And I should get in some reading as well, turn on some classical music 🎶 – any classical music fans? If so what’s your favourite album currently?

My shoulder is giving me troubles today so i’ve been trying to take it easy and decided to take today off rather than tomorrow. I’m hoping it’s a bit better tomorrow so I can get in a handful of hours to sew. I guess we’ll see when I wake up, until then, it’s anyones guess. One day off a week (at the very most) is generally my limit, and I try not to even do that. Being an entrepreneur sometimes isn’t very forgiving when it comes to “days off”. Even if it’s to heal.

Ok, well I should run before my evening is gone… it’s pushing 9pm here, which means my night is running out! I hope everyone had a wonderful Saturday!! 💐

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