It’s the little things…

Beautiful, fresh fruits!

Like this box FULL of amazing assorted fruits I found on “Flash Food” today for $5.00! I feel like I won a mini lottery or something… lol! It is not in our budget to buy such a huge assortment of fruit in one week, so this box with some of this & some of that is just awesome I have to say! Usually we go with a couple items of whatever is on sale and that’s that.

This week, we have a lovely assortment to choose from! The girls are very happy with a drawer FULL of fresh fruit for the week! Sobeys had cauliflower ($5.99) for buy one get one free, so I went for that, even though they’re the size of a grapefruit, they’re still good. Then I grabbed a my broccoli (2 bunches for $8.00) and we are good for produce for the week along with grapes & bananas, and frozen brussel sprouts.

Then we bought the rest of our groceries, we found a few meat sales, grabbed whatever else we had on our list, and i’m done for the week. We do need to grab cat litter tomorrow but we grab that elsewhere, so that’s tomorrow. My goal is to not step foot in a grocery store until later next week.

Food prices went up by 11% in Canada in 2022, and “they’re” saying we should expect another 7-8% hike this year. I’ll be amazed if it’s ‘only’ 7-8% truth be told. It seems that every week we shop something else has went up, and often not by $.50 or something, but by a few dollars at least. In a total of two years this is an almost 20% increase in food costs.

No wonder it’s so stressful & depressing to shop every week. We often ‘pass’ on items now because of the price. We’ll simply say “nope, maybe next week” and that’s that. *sigh*


Have you been affected by the food prices? Have your shopping habits changed?

10 thoughts on “It’s the little things…

  1. It is so expensive to grocery shop now. I go to Publix tomorrow. At age 54… praise God ….I am not on prescription meds for much except eyedrops(glaucoma preventative). So I justify paying the price on healthy food by saying it keeps me off of cholesterol meds for another year I hope. Love the looks of your fruit box!!!!!

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    • It’s horrible, I dread shopping days.. 😰 I like lots of produce & whole foods as well, so no “cheap” stuff. Produce is supposed to go up by another 8% this year, *sigh*, but i’m with you, healthy food is better for us all around!


  2. Food prices are insane! While we’re blessed to be financially comfortable , I still find it hard to wrap my mind around paying some of these prices. Grocery shopping is not nearly as much fun as it used to be.

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  3. What a great deal on the fruit! The food prices are insane. My #1 priority is health, so I justify the prices to myself, but still mostly buy on sale. We buy 95% of our produce at the farmer’s market (fresh, local, organic, in-season); EBT has a program where fresh produce is effectively 50% off, so we get $100 worth of produce for $50 per week. I buy pasture-raised and wild caught animal protein–my doctor wants me on 3-4oz servings per day, but I’ve had to cut back to ~5 servings per week due to cost. We no longer get the occasional treat or snack–just eggs, chicken, and produce–and we’re still spending around $500 per month. I feel terrible for those just barely scraping by. It’s hard, and I suspect it will just get worse. 😞


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