Five Things Friday…

It’s been a while, let’s see if I can get back into this shall we?

Walter’s obsession…

1. Walter LOVES watching the birds at our feeder… we are absolutely plowing through bird feed in these cold temperatures and with snow covered ground. I think we’re going to have to start purchasing industrial sized bags or something! I filled it to the top this morning and 2 hours later it was empty. This is Walter’s favourite hang out and entertainment of choice… starlings, chickadees, crows, and seagulls all add to his entertainment value.

Current WIP (work in progress)

2. I sidetracked from custom orders today to sort some fabric scraps and kept a wee bit for myself. These being some of them, aren’t they lovely? I’m working on this project now, so it will be done tomorrow with photos. It’ll be up on my FB page if you’d like a peek, otherwise i’ll share soon!

Part of my wrap around deck…

3. I miss sitting out here relaxing… reading, doing puzzles, bird watching, soaking in the sun, hanging out with my youngest as she loves being outside as much as I do! I really can’t wait for spring. I will need to add another coat of paint/sealant to the deck as the salt has done a doozy on it this winter… *sigh*

“Cross Stitch for the Soul”

4. I have the BEST sister, bar none. She noticed this book sitting on my Amazon wish list, for like 2 years, *blush* and just found it at Goodwill for 50% off! She thought of me grabbed it for the huge price of $2.50 – Score!! I’m so excited to receive this book and finally see it in person! So thankful! Made my week!

“Ghost Doctor”

5. It’s the little things. My husband downloaded the “Viki” APP for me as he knows I love to watch K-dramas & have been wanting to watch “Ghost Doctor” with RAIN in it. I don’t watch much tv, but K-dramas are fun and I love the storylines. Anyway, i’ve been wanting to watch this since it came out, and now I can! I’m 4 episodes in and enjoying it so far!

Ok, that’s 5 things! I’m off for now, hope everyone had a great Friday!

2 thoughts on “Five Things Friday…

  1. Our cat loves watching the birds devour 50lb bags of seeds as well. They’re eating so much and do quickly I’m wondering if I can claim them as dependents.
    Nice deck. Hope you can get out there soon!


  2. oh my gosh, I love that fabric, all my colours!! Also love that book, there is an Earth one also, may need to check those out. I am hoping to get a Chapter’s gift card for my birthday!!


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