Hello World!

Hi All! Last night I shared my first blog post, and to be honest, it was kind of like “yanking off a bandage”. I figured i’ll just hit ‘post’ and be done with it! So, that’s what I did, and now here I am! 

Note: I do not have a “first” blog post on this blog as i’ve moved from Blogspot (not a fan) to WordPress, so this is my first post.

I should probably write somewhat of a proper post today in which i’ll share a little about myself & my family! We are a family of 6, but our oldest 2 live in Ontario with their respective spouses, while we 4 are now living on Cape Breton Island, NS. Myself, my husband & our 2 youngest daughters. Along with our 2 boys, Chester & Walter. My sweet ragdoll boys… 

It’s been a whirlwind of a year to be honest… we bought our very first home, in another province. Then moved over 2200km across Canada almost a year ago in late January! We have been adjusting to life in a very small town of around 5000, from a huge city of approximately 500,000. 

My husband works the “back shift” as they call it out here, for the same company he’s been with for well over 20+ years, and I work from home, sewing pretty things! You can see more of my work here: Carla’s Creations

Life is slow, peaceful & quiet now, which i’m extremely grateful for. It was needed at this point of our lives, I think we were both tired of the “hustle & bustle”, amongst other issues, in a big city.

When I first met my husband over 30 years ago, I told him “one day i’m going to live by the ocean”, I had always wanted to live near the ocean, it called to me. I never knew the plans that God had in store for me at the time! Now we are a short 10 minute walk to the Atlantic Ocean, and I have an ocean view from my sewing room & deck. Sometimes it just takes planting a tiny seed… 

The title of my blog “Thriving Simply” is the direction that I feel my life has taken. Things are simple & calm. I don’t wish to be “out & about” anymore, nor do I need exciting plans every weekend. I don’t miss that lifestyle. 

When we purchased our home we chose to simplify life. And that is exactly what we have done, we have simplified for stability & a home of our own. It’s proven to be worth it. A walk on the ocean shore with my husband fills my soul, my youngest & I love thrifting & feeding the ducks at a nearby pond, walking through our little town and noticing all the fun details on houses which are so different than what we were used to beforehand is a fun afternoon! An afternoon lounging on my deck with a good book and music playing in the background is heaven on earth! 

There you have it… “Simple & Thriving”. This blog will be a “potpourri”, the posts will be about my life in general, which i’m afraid isn’t very exciting, but it’s my life all the same. *wink* I do hope you’ll follow along! 

Until tomorrow… 

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