Farewell Christmas…

Goodbye to my favourite Nutcracker ornaments…

Goodbye to my beautiful angel & my cherished Norman Rockwell table runner, handmade by my grandma…

Goodbye to my snowflakes, ❄️ icicles, UWO & handmade ornaments…

Goodbye sparkling red, green & gold… ✨ Note to self: Add more green next year. Perhaps Cape Breton tartan ornaments or ribbons?

Goodbye to a gazillion warm white fairy lights… our tree is prelit but when it comes to lights, more is more!

Walter! Get away from the lights…

Goodbye to my frosted, glittered 8ft tree… we’ll have sparkles floating around our living room until next Christmas… 😂

My daughter will greatly appreciate not having to untangle a ball of lights next year… 😅 Think National Lampoon.

How do these even fit back in the original box again!? lol!

✨ My Christmas Tree in all its glory… ✨

I have to say, it looks mighty empty in my living room! I did leave out a winter themed runner & a plump little snowman… ☃️

I think he’s cute & more winter themed. ❄️

Honestly, I can’t believe that I left my tree & decorations up for so long this year! I think it’s because I really wanted to savour the season & enjoy the beauty of Christmas. Last year we were living with piles of boxes around us at Christmas. The tree went up, kids opened gifts, the tree went down. It wasn’t even fully decorated, and nothing else came out.

I feel if we left it up any longer we’d have to decorate it in pink & red hearts & ribbons soon! So it was time…


When did you put away your Christmas tree & decorations? Anyone still have your Christmas stuff out?

22 thoughts on “Farewell Christmas…

  1. I just took my tree down a little over a week ago. I usually leave it up until January 6 but then got busy for a few days and didn’t have time until later in the week. Like you, I like having the extra light in the room.

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    • The extra lights are soo nice, I was trying to f figure out how to keep them out longer, i’ve seen people use fairy lights just around the house for ‘decor’, but the only place I can find is our cat tree.. lol!!


      • We used to leave lights up all year (around the windows etc.) but we are preparing to list the house so they had to come down.


  2. Your decor is so beautiful! We’re staying with my in-laws and spent an entire day about two weeks ago putting away tubs of ornaments, Santas, and fake poinsettias (they have so much stuff!!!). I like the idea of leaving things out a little longer and really being reminded of the beauty of the season.

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  3. I’m with Erin in that leaving things up a little longer is nice. Especially as you didn’t get to enjoy the decorations last year. And yes, lovely decorations – so festive and beautiful! ❤️

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  4. Your tree was lovely. Though I might be biased since I use the same red, green and gold theme with white lights. My decorations came down Jan. 3rd, but your beautifully wrapped light strands beat my rip them off the tree and throw them in a tub method hands down.

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  5. We put our Christmas things away on December 31 so that we can start the new year with a fresh, clean house. I have added a few things though to help with taking all the lights down— candles, a Gnome figure that lights up and is Valentine’s theme, and I have a new Himalayan salt lamp that changes color that adds pizzaz as well.

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