Life is good…

Jan 10th, 2022.

Boxes & boxes galore…

One year ago… I was sitting in my living room surrounded by boxes & boxes, 📦 about to move 2200+ km across Canada with 2 teenagers & 2 cats into a house we’d purchased online, but hadn’t seen in person yet!

It was a huge leap of faith moving back out here. 🙏🏻 We had lived in Cape Breton Island almost 5 before and I didn’t last very long. Homesickness & depression kicked in fiercely & I wanted nothing more than to simply get “home” with the ones I loved. I was so desperate to just ‘get home’. We only lasted (and by we, I mean “me”) 4 1/2 months in Cape Breton last time and flew home on Christmas morning.

This time though, in our own home, surrounded by wonderful neighbours, in a tiny, quiet town, living a slow life, life is good. I am grateful. I do miss my friends & family, but thankfully there’s face time, phone calls, texting & airplanes. I’m at peace, I love it here, it’s a whole different lifestyle out here, and I didn’t go through any homesickness or depression this time! I think my husband is relieved as he never wanted to leave last time!

We are currently on the receiving end of a winter ❄️ storm!

Schools and many businesses were closed today, or closing early. It’s really snowing & blowing, I think that by the time my husband gets up for work he’s going to be in for a nasty surprise. And this snow is wet, and very heavy.

We did our grocery shopping very early (7am) & some of our errands before the snow started to get bad. I have finished working for the day, so now i’m sitting here enjoying a coffee, working on the blog post I started this morning. The laundry is on, but I should probably start dinner shortly.

My daughter’s hair appointment was bumped until tomorrow so we’ll drop off our donation to the thrift store (3 boxes!! yay!!) & do our library run tomorrow as well. I know the library has a couple of books in for me but I forget which ones, so it’ll be a nice surprise!

I guess that’s it for today, not a very exciting post I know. *wink* I hope everyone had a great day!

6 thoughts on “Life is good…

  1. I’m so Happy that you’re “home”. May I ask where you were when you were back the last time? I’m on my way to Yarmouth this summer and I’m following your journey.

    One of the reasons I decided against moving to Cape Breton is because of the winters 🥶. I LOATHE winter and snow and driving in snow. After following the weather for Yarmouth for years, I made my decision last summer because of the climate.

    I’m super happy that you were able to get your essential errands done before the weather got really bad.

    One of the things that has drawn me to Atlantic Canada is the common sense that’s applied there. When the weather gets frightful, businesses and schools close, (your daughter’s hai appointment being rescheduled for tomorrow, as an example), unlike Ontario where business and school must continue at all costs.

    I’m excited to find out which books you get from the library, when you get there.

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    • So, funny story.. last time we lived here we were across the street and down the street 5 houses. lol!! I remember walking by this house many times and wishing for the wrap around deck they had… 5 years later, we own it! London, Ont gets crappy, LONG, brutal winters and -30c (and colder) temps I was sick of. It’s more temperate out here and they don’t get as brutally hot or cold. So i’m ok with it… we’ve been lucky this winter, mind you I haven’t been here a full year yet, but when we arrived last January 21st we were hit with storm after storm. We’ll see how this winter goes.. Mind you, we did get pummelled by Fiona🌀 so there’s that…

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