3 Goals for 2023!

I’m not the type to make “New Year’s Resolutions”, there will be no “new me”, I will not be turning into some magnificent & completely different person. What you see, is what you get. *wink*

However, I do have a handful of meaningful goals that i’ll be trying to achieve!

Financial Goal #1: Save double our mortgage payments to put down as a lump sum payment on our mortgage in January 2024.

We purchased our home almost one year ago. Actually, in a little under 3 weeks, it’ll be exactly a year since we closed! Because i’m late 40’s, and my husband is early 50’s, I feel that we’re “late to the house buying game”, and I know people buy homes at all ages, but all the same, that’s how I feel.

My husband & I have a goal to pay off our mortgage in less than half of our term, ideally before he retires! So we are aiming to save the same amount that we pay on our mortgage each year. Thus, doubling our mortgage payments and paying that on a lump sum at the end of each year.

We managed to save *almost* enough this year, even with sinking thousands & thousands into upgrades & improvements into our home since we purchased it. Since we were *so close* to reaching our goal, my grandma gifted us enough to reach our goal for the year!! So, we have our first lump sum sitting in the bank, waiting for the first year to be up so we can slap that cash down on our mortgage!!

Personal Goal #2: Read my collection of paper books!!

I have a rubbermaid bin FULL of books which i’ve purchased, mostly used at thrift stores and library sales, but a few new ones as well. When we moved here I promised myself that i’d read them and not just let them ‘sit’. Well, they’ve sat since January, so it’s time to make good on that promise!

I’ve cancelled my Kindle Unlimited subscription until further notice and will not be buying any books this year, not new, not used. Between the ones sitting in my bin & on my Kindle, and my amazing library here, i’m set! I will drag that bin upstairs and share what i’ll be reading this year, I remember some of them, but definitely not all, so it’ll be a surprised for you & me! I hope they’re good ones! lol!

Community Goal #3: Donate food/pantry items to the food bank every month.

I won’t commit to a certain dollar amount as funds are tight for us, but I will be aiming to donate some food/pantry items once a month. I feel it’s important to give what you can, even if it’s only one item that you’re able to give, it’s still something! I should make a date for this goal, perhaps at the beginning of each month, and i’ll share what we’re able to donate each month. I’m sure some months it’ll be more, some months less. And that’s ok!

Within the first week sounds good to me, and I can repeat it in my phone calendar so I don’t forget, which means, I need to figure out my first donation ASAP!


These are the main things which have been placed on my heart, so they will be my focus for the year! I’m not going to overload myself or make impossible goals that stress me out for the year ahead… I feel that these are achievable goals and i’m excited for the year ahead!

Thriving simply, that is my goal.

Are you making, or have you made any goals/resolutions for the year ahead? If so please share!

26 thoughts on “3 Goals for 2023!

  1. Great plans! I’m still sorting mine out. I’m getting over Covid, my whole family came down with it over the last two weeks – I was the last one standing!

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  2. Hi Carla! How wonderful to see you blogging again! I have missed this. I prefer to read blogs, and love watching vlogs since the pandemic started. I wish you and your family all the best for the coming year(s).

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  3. Your goals sound very reasonable. I am not one to set goals or resolutions but am looking forward to this new year. I love my Kobo reader as I can takeout books for free from our local library.

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  4. Also that’s what libraries are for…lol. I think we forget.

    Buying house late not bad, my in-laws bought there’s well into there fifties and I think FIL was closer to very early sixties.

    None the less you deserve it!

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  5. 3 admirable goals as a former Mortgage consultant I know how much interest and how much you can shorten the term by making one-off payments..well done a good plan…Thank you for following CarolCooks 2 🙂 x


  6. Great goals! I love that mortgage payment one. Maybe I’ll get my life in order sometime and try that. I’d love to have ours paid off early. My 5 year plan is to sell this gigantic home and significantly downsize. Like majorly downsize. We are building a cabin which will be our “second home” so I don’t feel we need a big home (that and I hate cleaning it lol). Have the best year,

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    • Yes, the mortgage is my main goal, really hoping for success with this one!! Oh yeah, i’m not a fan of big houses, nor cleaning big houses.. lol! Ours is 1500sq feet and just perfect!! I feel like we have LOADS of room!! Building a cabin sounds really exciting!!


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  8. I really like your resolution about making a monthly donation to your local food bank. I think I might try a similar thing this year. I’m thinking that at the beginning of every month I will go through my cupboards and anything that has been there for more than a month, will go into a bag or box and go to the food bank.

    I also love your idea of setting up a calendar reminder to make sure that your able to fulfill your commitment.

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    • I think it’s so tough right now for so many, and even though our budget is tight i’m extremely grateful that I generally don’t have to worry about putting food on the table. It would be wonderful if you’d join me in this challenge! I’ll be posting at the end of the month with what I donate!


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