Simple Sunday…

My sweet girls playing outside… Nov 12th, 2013.

Today I am choosing to have a “Simple Sunday”, with minimal time online, and more time simply living in the moment. Focusing on my day, on the little tasks that need done around the house & being grateful for the blessing of having little tasks to do.

I was born in a generation when Sundays used to be, quiet, simple & generally spent at home. Stores were all closed (to be fair most shops in my small town are closed on Sundays too), people went to Church, kids played outside, any housework that needed done was worked on, we had a nice big “Sunday dinner” and parents prepared for the busy week ahead.

I loved Sundays, but especially Sunday nights because “The Wonderful World of Disney” was on at 6pm. Myself, my brother & sister would run to the tv and wait for that magical theme song 🎶 to start playing and see what move we were being treated to! On the *really* good nights we’d get a huge bowl of buttered popcorn 🍿 to share while we watched!

Sunday nights were also “bath nights” for many kids.. lol! We played hard outside in the dirt all week and i’m sure were in a desperate need for a good scrub by the week’s end. I realize people don’t do this now, but they sure did then. We lived most of our childhoods outside exploring the world around us and enjoying the many friendships we had. We had no “entertainment”, asides from a tv set in the living room, and even that I think was a rare treat for many of us.

I remember running home to watch ‘The Flintstones’ at lunchtime, eating my sandwich lunch in front of the tv, then the second it was over, running back to school so I wasn’t late. Then sometimes I got to watch “Scooby Doo” after school, and that was about it. There were no computers, tablets, smartphones, tvs in multiple rooms, etc.. actually I don’t remember having anything electronic, not one thing. The world around me was my playground & I loved it.

Apparently i’m feeling very reminiscent of my childhood today… It just makes me sad that technology has taken over our lives on so many levels. I miss the times when we were each others’ company, and if we were bored or lonely, we found something to do, not something to mindlessly entertain us.

And on that note, i’m off to enjoy a simple, slow Sunday.


What are your cherished Sunday memories?

7 thoughts on “Simple Sunday…

  1. This is perfect….my experience exactly, apart from the lunch at home (lunch was at school, cooked from scratch by the “lunch ladies”.) My girls grew up with Disney videos, and nowadays it’s streaming. I don’t know that they understood how much kids looked forward to Sundays at 6pm.

    I did get my girls outside in all kinds of weather to play and get dirty, and chose not to afford game systems and cable. They did play/see those at friends, but now as adults mid-20s to young 30s, they say they’re thankful to have been raised having such a fun childhood 🙂

    I can’t even imagine the pressure now in handing preschoolers electronics….but I have hope that parents will see value in play and interacting with the “real world”, and would encourage putting down their phones and enjoy those kids, who grow up soooo fast! ( Oh my, can I sound any older…. ha!)

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    • I wouldn’t have changed my childhood for the world, we were out no matter the weather and on the days we truly couldn’t go out, we hated being in the house.. lol! I feel a hundred & one years old when I talk like this, lol, but it’s life.

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